Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hello, I'm finally back! And what better way to return than to a massive bowl of the newest edition to Gumshara's menu, the Mega Ramen (vegetarians, look away now before it is too late! I am about to disgust you in a meat-loving frenzy). If you haven't seen or heard already, this monster of a meal consists of a bowl of tonkotsu ramen literally bigger than my head, topped with countless slices of cha-su, a piece of pork spare rib, a skewer with three pieces of roast pork and a soft-boiled egg. There is also four sheets of nori, picked bamboo and shallots if you're like, into eating plants and stuff.

Mega Ramen, Gumshara
Mega Ramen $25 with extra egg ($1.50)

Basically, this is the stuff of my dreams (like oh my god I cannot describe but I will try my best) - an abundance of my favourite tender, salty cha-su lining the edges (there's more hidden beneath too), and a big hunk of juicy pork spare rib with a layer of delicious fat and crisp, blistered skin that was mind-blowing flavoursome. I've had the pork spare rib ramen before and it was even better this time around and I thought, "it can't get any better than this" BUT I WAS WRONG YOU SEE, because whaaat, there was these new chunks of meat on a stick I had not yet met, and they were three pieces of the most perfect thickly-sliced, slightly caramelised, succulent, tasty roast pork I would ever encounter. I don't know why there were on a skewer but it was presumably to emphasise their majesty, and I don't know which variation of pork I like best now, because oh, all these choices! Anyway, all of this meaty smorgasbord arrives with the company of a lovely googie soft-boiled egg, atop of toothy ramen noodles in the most heart-warming thick, delicious, porky tonkotsu broth ever, and I'm gushing, oh my god I'm gushing. But I can't help it because, I mean... ramen, broth, pork, egg, pork, pork, pork... I have a new religion.

Gumshara Ramen
Eating World Harbour Plaza, Shop 209
25-29 Dixon St Haymarket, 2000

Gumshara Ramen on Urbanspoon

After the ramen experience, we decided to recoupe with some dessert so off we ritualistically went off to Meet Fresh again. It was a fabulous conclusion to our lunch and here, have another pretty picture.

Taro No. 4 with Mango, Meet Fresh
Taro Balls no. 4 (Shaved Ice, Red Beans, Sweet Potato, Pearls) with Mango $6.70

Meet Fresh
13 Goulburn St Haymarket, 2000
Telephone: (02) 8339 1031

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