Monday, January 21, 2013

The Carrington, Surry Hills

Brunch is my ultimate favourite meal of the day, and I appreciate anywhere where alcohol and eggs go hand in hand. Meet The Carrington, my current favourite breakfast joint and Drink'n'Dine sibling of the The Abercrombie, The Forresters and The Norfolk. The Spanish-inspired menu has many unique gems and the best goddamn Bloody Mary I've had, ever (in my 1.5 years of legal drinking).

Bloody Mary, The Carrington
Bloody Mary $15

Served in a retro mackerel tin is the bloodiest Bloody Mary of them all, with vodka, tomato juice, pepper, tabasco, Worcestershire sauce and a mysterious "+ more" according to the menu. Strong, fresh savoury with lashings of spice, forget coffee, I'll definitely get out of bed with a promise of this bizniz.

Also loved from the alcoholic breakfast drinks menu is the Pillow Talk, a deceptively refreshing concoction of fresh apple juice, camomile tea and boom, more vodka. It makes me feel healthy.

Cappuccino, The Carrington
Cappuccino $4

Morcilla & Potato Hash, The Carrington
Morcilla & Potato Hash $16

My favourite food groups are fat, carbs and salt, so naturally the morcilla and potato hash is my favourite thing on the menu. Salty Spanish blood sausage, crispy fried potatoes and green beans for balance, topped with a crumbed and fried duck egg with the gooiest orange yolk.

Spanish Baked Eggs, The Carrington
Spanish Baked Eggs $16

The Spanish baked eggs is a good choice for the more health-conscious diners out there, i.e. not me. Two eggs are baked in mini pan with a sofrito, piquillo peppers and spiced eggplant, and served with two slices of sourdough.

Empanada Rancheros, The Carrington
Empanada Rancheros $14

The empanada rancheros is another unusual but amazing dish on offer, there's an empanada pastry stuffed with ham hock and beans, served with creamed corn and a fried egg.

Tortilla, The Carrington
Tortilla $16

I totally thought the tortilla was going to be the South American flatbread but surprise, it turned out to be a Spanish omelette. This version consists of baked eggs with fried potato, grilled mushroom, goats cheese and slivers of capsicum.

Media Noche, The Carrington
Media Noche $14

The media noche is an amazing "midnight" sandwich, and possibly the ultimate drunk food. The Carrington version is double-deckered and toasted, soft white bread spliced with mustard, melty Swiss cheese and "triple" pork (roasted and ham I think). Yep yep yep yep.

Torrijas, The Carrington
Torrijas $16

And of course for our sweet-toothed friends, I've saved the best for last. Torrijas is a Spanish bread pudding, similar to what we commonly know as French toast. It's fried crisp on the ouside but pillowy soft inside, and is served with grilled banana, churros-flavoured ice-cream and a good dose of maple syrup. Thanks, Spanish bros.

On a related however tragic note, in light of the recent death of one-half of the founders of The Carrington, I feel obligated to pay my respects here to a man who gave our city fringe pub scene new life. RIP James Miller, and thank you for blessing us with these fine establishments. 

The Carrington
(02) 9360 4714
565 Bourke St, Surry Hills 2010

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